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about us.

Brand New Design Studio (BNDS) is a curated community of designers who ideate, collaborate, and create high value industrial designs such as consumer products and packaging. 

We are at war with poor design. . .Our community is on a mission to create the most innovative designs with confidence that they’ll succeed! 

To facilitate this, we use an innovative design process called ‘community validation’ that combines design brainstorming and data collection. 

This enables us to validate and improve designs before being released into the market – substantially increasing the chances of success!


What we Do

Our community is ready to create 3D designs for you. . .
Consumer Products

Create consumer product designs that allow companies to enter new markets.

Packaging Design

Upgrade existing packaging designs to enhance our client's brand identity.

Exhibit Design

Develop eye-catching booth exhibit designs to help clients attract more customers.

Design Validation

Collect design reviews from our community to improve clients' current designs.


Message from us

"Our Clients Always Win!"

We work together with companies to understand the most pressing issues in their operations then find ways to solve them through custom-made designs. In short, we present them the opportunity to grow through innovation. . .

Our community of industrial designers allows us to provide clients with numerous designs to choose from. Coupled with our own ‘community validation’ process, we give data to clients so they can make an informed decision before purchasing. No matter how we look at it, our clients always win!

Mari Martirez

Head of Business, Brand New Design Studio


Why Select Us?

Trust us. . .we got you covered!

Explore new markets by creating designs that will enable you to serve a wider range of customers.


Achieve better operational results and  efficiency through custom-made design solutions.


Receive designs that will consider all variables such as feasibility, cost, and objectives.


Understand and listen to what others are saying about the designs before you purchase.


Create long-term and sustainable impact to difficult and resilient problems in your organization.


Work with a company that creates innovative designs for clients around the world.

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